COVID 19 - Protecting and Preventing at Venue No.1 and The Green Room Cafe.

What are we doing to keep you safe?

We are delighted to welcome you and guests to Venue No.1, and we want to make sure you are safe when you visit us. We have put in place a number of measures at the Venue which are outlined below. Your safety is our Number 1 priority. All advice and restrictions are monitored and updated in line with Welsh Government  Guidelines and advice from Public Health Wales.


One Way

The building is operating a one-way system. All hirers and their classes will enter through the main front door on Carmarthen Road, and exit through the lower ground side exit that leads into the carpark. You have the option be guided by our staff to your room and then asked to exit via the side exit on the lower ground level. This is so that we minimise crossing as much as possible - this is for your safety.



Floor Markings

Floor making are placed at 2m intervals around the building to help remind you which direction to head in and to keep your distance where possible. Please ensure you observe this not just for your own safety but for the safety and comfort of others



Hand Sanitiser

There are hand sanitising stations at the main entrances and exits of the building as well as at each studio space. We politely ask that you use this before/after touching door handles or surfaces that other may touch. These will be cleaned before and after each hirer, but for your own safety we also ask you to keep your hands sanitised.




Your space will be clean upon entering however if you are running multiple sessions within the same space, we ask that you ensure the space is cleaned and safe for the next set of students to enter. It is the responsibility of each Organisation to bring in the appropriate cleaning equipment and tools to do this and to bring and remove these from the premises after each use to avoid cross contamination. Hirers MUST clean their space between sessions. Floors are to be mopped (we recommend a Flash mop from Home Bargains), and all surfaces that are touched must be wiped with an antibacterial wipe; this includes door handles, light switches, stair handrails, shelving units or anything else you or a student may have touched. Bins have now been provided in each studio for you to dispose of these wipes.



Guidelines for your Members:

Students / Members must not attend Venue No.1 if they

  • Believe they have been affected by Covid-19
    Are displaying the symptoms of Covid-19 (new persistence cough, A high temperature, loss of taste and Are self-isolating due to displaying symptoms as above for 7 days or have any member of your household isolating for 14 days

  •  Are clinically vulnerable and are anyone who should be shielding

  • Are an individual living in the same household of someone who is clinically vulnerable and shielding.



Temperature Checks

One of the primary symptoms of COVID-19 is a temperature of above 38°C (100.4°F). A temperature screening can be considered a reasonable means for mitigating the risk of an outbreak within the workplace; however, there are issues that can arise from implementing the temperature testing. The current government guidance advises individuals with a high temperature to self-isolate as a precaution; however, not all fevers are caused by COVID-19 and not all COVID-19 patients have a fever. It is therefore up to the Hirer / Head of Your Organisation’s an decision to implement temperature screenings on arrival to Venue No.1 as this may be an important and reasonable method for potentially identifying infected students / members and mitigating the risk of an outbreak within the Venue.



Studio Capacities

Classes are able to go ahead but strict COVID guidelines MUST be adhered to. Here are the number of 12+years that are allowed in each space:

  1. Rhythm - 9 including teacher 

  2. Revive - 9 including teacher

  3. Creative - 6 including teacher

  4. Collab - 4 including teacher

  5. Community - 4 including teacher

  6. Theatre - 25 including teacher



Our toilets will be open but will only allow 2 persons in at a time. While our toilet are spacious, we still ask that you respect those around you by observing social distancing. There will be hand sanitiser as well as anti-bacterial wipes available for those using the facilities. Toilets will also be cleaned regularly throughout the day.



Protective Face Coverings

Face Coverings are mandatory in Wales, and all staff will remind and actively encourage you to ware one when visiting Venue No.1. While you may feel fit and well, you could be acting as a carrier for the virus, so kindly ask you respect those around you by covering your face if and when possible.



Collection and Pick Up

Where possible we would like to keep the capacity of the building to a minimum. We would like to encourage you to help us with this by asking parents and non class members to refrain from entering the building. With our first hirers, we have found that (if your students are under the age of 16) meeting your students at the Angle Wings at the top of the car park is a convenient place to collect children from their parents. They can then meet you back there at the end of their session to collect their children.


An Update to Controlled Entry Points to Venue No.1 and The Green Room Café: Track and Trace for Wales:

In line with Welsh Government Swansea Council we now have up to date Track and Trace form that need to be completed by every guest on every visit that they use the building. This includes collecting the following information from every guest who is over the age of 11 at every visit:

  • Name 

  • Telephone

  • Alternative contact (address / email address)

  • And each guest showing a proof of ID.

This is not just a Venue No.1 task but something that every restaurant / leisure facility should be actively doing in line with the Controlled Entry advice in line with the new legislations.  In line with Welsh Government and our GDPR and Data Protection Policy we will keep this information for 21 days and then destroy.


We understand that this can seem annoying, and taxing, and appreciate that not every 12 year old even has a form of ID.... but we do ask that you pass this information on to your members so they are not alarmed or offended should we ask for their details or ID on entry to the building.

This will be actioned in The Green Room Cafe and Main Reception area of Venue No.1

With regards to the completing of the forms, Our staff are going to be doing this from now on (in terms of completing the forms, so you shouldn't have to share pens / write anything your selves.) 


In case our team don't get around every member / every guests at every occasion they are in the building, we do ask you to keep a log of your class registers so that SHOULD a Coronavirus case be contracted by a user of Venue No.1 we can see exactly if and when they've been at the building. 



NHS App – Covid 19

It is optional for Guests to ‘check in” to Venue No.1 on the NHS COVID-19 website using the QR Codes around the building - please ask a member of staff if you need help!



Our Place, Your Space

We are so excited to welcome you to Venue No.1 and we want to make it as safe but as fun as possible. So that everyone can feel comfortable, please respect social distancing guidelines and sanitise your hands where possible to keep yourself and others safe.


If you have any questions or concerns at all, please let us know.

Equally, if you find ways we can improve our COVID-19 practices, please let us know!